Hanga Banda Hungarian Folk Band


Hanga Banda was founded in 2006. The current line-up was formed in 2010.

We are from the city of Pécs, Hungary, which was one of the European Capitals of Culture – together with Istanbul, Turkey and Essen, Germany - in 2010. It’s located in the Baranya region of the country. We usually provide musical services in this area – accompanying folk dance groups, giving concerts and also playing street music.

Hanga Banda plays traditional Hungarian folk music from all over the Carpathian Basin – mainly from the Hungarian inhabited parts of Transylvania and of course the territory of Hungary itself. We play on a wide variety of instruments which originate from the 18th-19th century Hungarian village culture e.g.: violin, viola, cimbal, peasant’s flute etc.

Since the Hungarian folklore is quite rich in every term, we like to have dancers and singers on our concerts to demonstrate this. It can really enlighten the atmosphere – start the party going!

Our members have years of experience playing and teaching music, and performing under various circumstances – ranging from street music to participating in stage productions.


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